Math Games for the Whole Year!

August 22, 2016

My first grade students LOVE playing math games and so do I! It is a great way for my kids to practice fluency with the skills we have just learned. I also love playing games for the social skills aspect:
– Who goes first?
– Taking turns
– Playing fairly
– Working together
– Being a respectful winner
– Being a sore loser


All that fun in these simple and easy games!

I made these games with ease in mind, so they are all black and white and can be used with dice, blocks, crayons, a paper clip and pencils. I wanted them to be easy to prep, easy to play, and easy for students to set up on their own. Many of the games follow the same type of rules and patterns so once my class learns one game, they can quickly learn a new one and play with their partner.


I generally use these type of math games during our “math tubs” time. I use math workshop so our math block looks like this:
Math Warm up (5 mins)
Focus lesson (10 mins)
Guided Practice (5-10 minutes)
Math tubs (20-30 minutes)
Closing and review (2-3 minutes)


During our math tubs is when I pull small groups for intervention or enrichment on what we are learning. If I find that fluency within a skill is a problem with a few of my students I will pull out a quick print and play game and guide my students as they play.


I have made 6 different games for each of the following skills:
Number Sense
Place Value
Telling Time
2D/3D Shapes
Measurement and Data


You can also try one of my number sense games for FREE by clicking below and downloading the preview (the game and instructions are at the end!)
To see all the games, just click the image above!


Looking for more standards-based math games that will engage your learners and save you lots of time?!

Join hundreds of primary teachers over in the SJT Math Club:


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These first grade printable math games are perfect for math centers! There are 48 different games that are all black and white and only need cubes, dice, and some crayons to play! Addition, subtraction, number sense and more skills are covered! Head over to see more!
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Want some more print and play math games to use in your classroom right away? Head on over to the post to grab 3 new games aligned to first grade math standards!

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  • We use a math program called Go Math and to just get through the lesson and workbook pages can be 45 minutes or longer. I would love to set up my math time like you do but I'm not sure how it would be feasible. Do you have a program you are required to use? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  • I also use gomath. I have 2 math helpers who come in once a week to start the math centers. I’d love some new games to drill addition and subraction facts to the teens.

  • Thank you. We have SOL super Saturday event where we help children prepare for SOL’s and we are always looking for fun ways to introduce children to math. Yes we start them in kindergarten.

  • Thank you Ms. Susan. Your you tube videos, math & writing activities and freebies are very unique and useful. Thank you again.

  • Thank you for the freebies. We are trying to find games for centers that do not involve sharing manipulatives due to Covid restrictions. I’m thinking these can be printed and thrown away after each use.