Measurement, Time, Graphing, and Data

January 20, 2016

These are some of my all time favorite math activities and games for teaching measurement, time and data in first grade!


I don’t know about you, but in my first grade classroom I feel like I teach addition, subtraction and place value ALL.YEAR.LONG. 


Well, that’s because, I basically do, which makes sense because it is so very important for my students to master for real world application and because they need to know it to succeed in 2nd grade!


While that’s all fine and dandy, but I do love a little break in our math block and when I teach measurement, time, and data, we get the fun break we need! I like to make these standards as fun as possible with lotssssss of hands-on learning!



I collected and organized lots of the activities I have done over the year for the following standards:








For each of these 4 categories there are 4-5 hands on lessons (some of each are shown above)!
I also included task cards, explanation tasks, sorts, and practice printable pages for each category. You can see some of those below:


If you think your students could use activities and lessons like these, you can download the preview and take a look by clicking the image below:


Looking for more standards-based math games that will engage your learners and save you lots of time?!

Join hundreds of primary teachers over in the SJT Math Club:


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