More Math Stations and an Addition Freebie!

October 27, 2013

I have been on a math kick lately. I think it is because my kids are strugglingggg with basic math concepts lately and it’s killin’ me! We have been learning addition strategies and practicing addition within 20 for two weeks now and my class has just started to pick up their momentum.


They are drawing, using cubes, using counters, their fingers, ANYTHING to show me how they got their answers and we are still working on their explanations. We are all about “proving it” in my classroom. My students know they can’t just spit out an answer – they have to prove it and defend it.


During math work stations on Friday, I had most of my students practice adding 2 numbers together using cubes. They did this with a little free addition center I created, called “Build it!”


I had saved the cards for “Build it!” and I thought I would offer them as a freebie! Click on the image to download this free addition activity.

I simply printed them, laminated them and put them in a bucket with 30 connecting cubes (15 of one color, 15 of the other). It will stay in our math centers for the next few weeks.

My low group is still working on identifying and representing numbers within 20, so they practiced pulling a number and covering that many pumpkins on a little pumpkin sheet I made.
My higher group started an independent work station and completed a few pages of their “My Little Book of Story Problems.” I was so impressed with their work!

Proud teacher 🙂

For more fun, hands-on math, check out my year-long first grade math workshop curriculum below:


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  • Every time I come to your blog (which is a lot), I always end up pinning every picture! I love that cube math center. I love how simple it is to set up and understand. It's so great for the kids to have those fun, hands on opportunities to practice skills (yet very little prep for the teacher-ha!). It's perfect! Thanks so much for sharing it. I also love that little book of story problems. Cute!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  • I LOVE the "Build It Addition" cards! I know that my firsties will enjoy them during centers! I was wondering if your "Build it Subtraction" cards were available.. I didn't see them on your tpt store or see a link to them on blog..

  • I downloaded your addition build it and my first graders love to use it as an independent practice activity when they are finished their morning math facts. Do you have a subtraction version available? I would love to have a copy of it if you do. Thanks!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this. It's just what I need for the last activity in my Maths Rotations tomorrow with my Grade 1s. 🙂

  • Like this concept for number building, is there anyway you’d consider an addition center to just 5 for beginning kinders? Ready kinders who have skills could use this center, buy kids who aren’t counting just need to focus on number sense to 5. Hope you’ll consider doing this.

  • Thank you for this freebie. My kindergarten students are working on joining(addition) and separating (subtraction). I can use as a center for my students.

  • I teach summer school and feel this would be a good project for my littles that need addition help.

  • I like how simple yet effective this is at reinforcing math basics. Better yet it can be done independently!! Can’t wait to use this for homeschool.

  • I work with students in the 1st and 2nd grades. As I was looking at your blog the game building u, was interesting.

  • This is my first year as an interventionist, grades K-5.
    These ideas will help me so much. Thanks for sharing!