Mother’s Day Finds and Freebies!

May 8, 2013

My moms this year are getting the five star treatment this year!
I went searching on TPT this year and found tons of cute and unique ideas for our momma’s!
**If you happen to be a mom of one of my kiddos this year TURN AWAY NOW! Do not scroll down!! You will get your gifts on Thursday!**
Okay… back to business…
First up, we are making a book of poetry for our moms!
I whipped up this little cover:
I glued these on pink construction paper and laminated them for the front covers of our books! Inside our books, my students chose lots of different poems from my poetry pack to describe their mommas. Shape poems, acrostic poems, cinquain poems, sensory poems… whatever their little hearts desired!
Inside the book is also one of my favorite little questionnaires that can be found everywhere:
Click on the image above if you want my free copy!
These always crack me up.
After all the poems, my kiddos made made their little hand prints on the bottom of a Mother’s Day poem and I laminated that as the back cover. I plan to bind all our poetry books tomorrow so they are ready to go home Thursday!
Another fun thing we did was create these little accordion fold mini-books:
My friend, Lisa created these and they were super easy and they came out really cute!
Click on the link above to see what the final product will look like!
The next Mother’s Day project required a little help from our 4th grade buddies (Thanks KT!) This freebie was found on TPT and it really let the kids be as creative as they’d like!
We are going to laminate these signs, hole punch each side, and add some ribbon so the students can hang them up as a banner for their moms! Each letter has specific directions for the kids to follow and they came out pretty darn cute if I don’t say so myself!
Lastly, I am going to have my students complete this “Recipe for a Mother’s Love.” It is a freebie I made last year and essentially the students fill in the blanks on how to “make” a mother’s love!
 I also include a tried and true sugar cookie recipe that I make each year! I make enough for my students to bring some home to their moms and some for us to try in class. I usually print the cookie recipe back-to-back with the mother’s love recipe and send it home with the cookies! You can see my old (read: ugly) version from last year HERE.
Okay… that’s all… I think!
I hope you all treat your mommas well this weekend!!

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