Parent & Student Holiday Gifts!

December 24, 2012

Christmas break is HERE!!
The past week was wild and fast and fun… but I am glad it is over and I am even gladder(?) that I am relaxing in my hometown of Salem, MA. 
I wanted to do a quick little post on some cute n’ crafty parent gifts we made this year!
My friend, Janie, has been making these for years and I finally hopped on board! They came out so cute and they were really easy. First, we used a die cut and some poster board to make the green circles. Then the students glued on puzzle pieces in 3 layers. Janie spray-painted them all (green for Christmas wreaths and white for snowflakes for our little ones who don’t celebrate Christmas). We added a little ribbon, some berries(wreaths) and glitter(snowflakes) and VIOLA! 
We put them in some rudolph gift bags and now they are hanging from Christmas trees all over Vegas.
Janie told me this craft has been around for a while so I did a bit of searching and found directions for the craft HERE!
I also had to share these Reindeer Kit treats that a 1st grade room mom made!
Mother of the year award?!? I think so!
She made one for each kid in the class.
“reindeer food” – carrot sticks
“melted snow” – ranch dressing
“reindeer antlers” – pretzels
“reindeer noses” – grapes and 1 tomato for Rudolph
“snowballs” – marshmallows
1 homemade reindeer cake pop!
SO CUTE! I must remember this when I am a momma!
Happy holidays to you all!

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