Parking Lots: Hands on Kindergarten Review!

September 23, 2019

This review activity is an oldie, but a goodie and I had to share it with you all! All you need to play the game, parking lots, are a few small cars and some room to make a racecourse or parking lot board.


In the video below, I share all about how to play the game parking lots and I give you a few ideas for skills to practice while playing this game as well. With my preschool and Pre-K sons at home, we use it to review: uppercase and lowercase letter identification, basic sight words, and number ID. In my kindergarten and first grade classrooms, I have used this game to review: addition and subtraction, sight words, odd and even numbers, and contractions!


I am sure there are plenty of other skills you can review as well. If you think of any others, please leave a comment here or on the video over on YouTube so we can gather ideas from one another!


To see how I play this game with a little twist, just click play below:

I also share this free parking lot template over on the video, but you can grab it here as well: Parking Lots Template

If you like this type of video, be sure to visit me (and subscribe to my channel) over on YouTube! I share at least one game, activity, or idea per week that you can use in your classroom right away!


Pin to remember:

Looking for a fun way to review addition, sight words, letter names/sounds, and more?! I love using parking lots to review all sorts of skills in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade. Students love to drive the cars all over the board and park their "cargo" in the right spot! Head on over to watch how I play in my classroom and grab a FREE template!

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  • This is perfect for our classroom. I appreciate being able to use the same game idea for multiple skills. Thanks so much!

  • I can’t wait to try this! Thank you for this fun, creative way to practice skills. Especially for some of kiddies who have no interest in learning, this will completely get their attention.