Photo Friday! {and FREEBIES}

September 29, 2012

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!
Here is a quick peek into our classroom on Photo Friday:
[Our sweet little Star of the Week!]
I left that smile in there because she was CHEESIN’ all week long! As our first star of the week she was thrilled to be our line leader and helper. She was also beyond happy to take home this little book we made for her today and to quote my little lady “ohmigod, my mom is going to be SO proud of me!!!” Warm fuzzies all over!!
The inside:
“she is a really nice friend”
“because she is special” lol
“she is fun and funny”
My {Star of the Week} booklet is always a BIG hit and is in my store for FREE!
If you want to download, just click on the image below:
Next we have the Investigations math game, Counters in a Cup.
We have been working on subtraction and finding missing parts and my students loved this game on Tuesday. Naturally, I brought it back for “fun” Friday (A.K.A. regular day but Ms. Moran smiles a lot and keeps saying over and over that everything is so FUN! – kids are so easy to trick)
Start with 10 counters. Students work in pairs to hide some of the counters under a cup while their partner isn’t looking. Partner turns around, records how many counters are outside the cup and tries to figure out how many are underneath. Easyyyyy and fun!
[Happy Birthday!]
I am
 I don’t have a huge birthday display or a cape or a party for my birthday kids.
No time.
I do, however, draw a little puppy with a party hat on a card and throughout the day I gather quotes from the other students about the birthday student! I compile them into one card, read it aloud and we sing our hearts out. My favorite quotes of today were “I have a big crush on him” and “He is crazy in a good way!”
Lastly, we learned a wee bit about our 5 senses today!
First we read this book and had a pretty thorough discussion about our 5 senses and how they help us to be aware of our surroundings.
Then we completed a 5 Senses flipbook I made:
 They had to write down three things they could see, hear, taste, feel, and touch. Pretty simple? Yah, but it was a quick formative assessment to let me see who was getting it and who wasn’t.
If you’d like the flip book I uploaded it to googledocs. Just click below!

Happy weekend!

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  • Bwhahahahahahaha . . . I love this entire post. From the "crush" statement to the "flip" freebie (hopefully that ain't a certain finger that goes with flip . . . hehehehe), I am on cloud nine after reading this puppy. Oh, how I heart you Ms. Moran 🙂

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  • WHAT THE . . . ???!!!???? I just clicked on over to check your blog out and I'm speechless!!!!!!
    1. For the awesome post ~ hello superstar of week here I come, PERFECT for my class – PINNED YA
    2. For the super sweet shout out you gave me in your last post
    3. For your new look ~ I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars