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February 8, 2013

My good friend, Katie King, has been hosting a fantastic linky lately and I have been missing out!

I used a few fun websites this morning so I thought I would link up and share!

This morning I was the presenter for our grade level’s lesson study.

(I am nosy…) Does your school do this?!?!

A couple times a year our grade level team gets together to design a lesson aligned to the common core. Then, we pick a name out of the hat to see who will present the lesson to their class…. in front of all the other teachers….well… lucky me! I got chosen!
The lesson we designed was to meet the Common Core Standard RL.1.4: Students will identify words or phrases in stories or poems that suggest feelings or apply to the senses.

Here was our 45 minute lesson:

First, I got two 2nd grade poems off of Super Teacher Worksheets {Snowy School Day & Reading Forever}! I have used this site since my first year teaching – it was free then. It is only 25$ for the whole year and I use it a lot for extra practice sheets and homework.
 I read both poems aloud twice. The first time for enjoyment and the second time we listened for feeling words and words that appeal to our senses. I had my kiddos close their eyes to help them visualize what I was reading. After we discussed the words we heard, we watched a Brain Pop Jr. video on writing with our senses:
 I seriously love me some Annie and Moby and my kids love them too! This video focuses on the reasons we should add details to our writing by using our 5 senses. It makes our writing much more exciting to read and helps the reader visualize the work.
Next stop, Read, Write, Think!


This website is free and has some great lesson plans. I searched the site last week and found these theme poems. As a class, we chose the sun poem and brainstormed some feeling/sensory words to describe the sun. Lastly, my kiddos went back to their seats and wrote cute poems to describe the sun!
There are plenty of other themed templates that have made their way to our writing center:

My kids were really excited to write their poems and share them with the class! It will be a perfect lead into our Valentine’s Day poems we will write to our parents next week 🙂

That’s all I have for Techy Teacher Tuesday (Thursday?)
Go link up with Katie and see all the other teachers’ tips!

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  • You wrapped this lovely little lesson up with a common core bow!
    Wonderful job! Did you subscribe to Brain Pop Jr? I am debating on doing it. The kids love it, and so do I. The free sections are awesome but I think I want to " unlock" some other hidden treasures too! I am sure it is worth every penny.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    • I did subscribe to BrainPop Jr. it is too good not to! It is pretty expensive, but I think it is so worth it! There is also a 7day free trial you can sign up for to see if you really want to invest in it!

      We are trying to see if our admin will buy it for us next year 🙂

  • LOVE! Thanks for sharing this super helpful post! Our team does not do that pick your name out of the hat thing, but it sounds kinda neat…(when someone else gets picked, right? 🙂 Of course you rocked it, though!
    Katie's linky is great!
    Growing Firsties

    • Hahaha… we used to not pick our names out of a hat.. but then instead of everyone planning the lesson, whoever presented would take over and do the whole thing. This way, everyone is an equal contributor because you don't know who is going to be the *lucky* one!