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July 8, 2016

 Number sense is CRITICAL in the younger grades. It is so important for my students to be able to understand what numbers mean and their relationship to one another. Once they have a solid number sense they can then build upon their mathematical skills both inside and outside of the classroom.


I have a unit that I teach in August/September filled with hands-on activities so students can really SEE the numbers and FEEL the numbers. You can see more about that HERE.


After they have a beginning understanding, it’s all about practice, practice, practice to help build fluency! That’s where my print and play partner games come in. I have created 6 different no-prep printable games that will help your students practice number sense.


I thought I would showcase a few of the games:
 Spin and Collect:
Students each spin the spinner 10 times and circle the number they landed on. At the end, they collect that many cubes and count them up to see who has the most. An easy game to have students identify numbers in different forms and practice counting up to 30. They also compare numbers at the end!


 One More, One Less:
In this simple game, students take turns rolling a die and then coloring in a hexagon that is one more or one less of that number. Students continue playing until all the pieces are colored in. The student with the most colored in at the end, wins! This game also has a 2 and 3 dice version.


 Get to Ten:
This game is SUPER simple and is great practice for comparing numbers. Students each roll one die and compare the numbers. Whoever has the bigger number gets to add 1 cube to their tower. The first student to build a tower of 10 wins. If students roll the same number, neither will get a cube. This game has many different options – you could have each student roll 2 or 3 dice at a time. You can also have students get to 15 or 20 before they win.


Practicing these skills over and over helps build fluency and what better way to practice than playing games?! I have print and play games for every math subject taught in 1st grade and if you’d like to see more, just click the image below to check out the unit!



Looking for more standards-based math games that will engage your learners and save you lots of time?!

Join hundreds of primary teachers over in the SJT Math Club:


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  • These look incredible! I love the idea of using these games not only for math but for building social interaction for my ASD students!

  • We are revamping our sequence in math this year in first grade. Our focus is on building number sense before getting into place value! These tools above would really help! Thank you so much.

  • I have been using alot of games so far this year in math. The games seem to help them really get the skill we are working on.

  • I love the One more/one less for number sense! I would love to incorporate these into my classroom.

  • As an AIS Math Teacher in the Elementary School,I am always looking for resources to help “close the gap” for many of the students I work with. Thank you so much for putting these resources out there for many of us to use! Number Sense is so important for the elementary students. They need a solid foundation in math to build from.

  • These games look like what I need for my first grade summer school class to help keep them engaged in their learning. So glad I found these!

  • My students need to understand numbers and number sense dearly. I work in an inner city school and it is so tough to get materials and games etc. thank you

  • I am still working with a group of first graders that are still struggling with number sense. I am always looking for new ways to practice building their understanding of number sense. Thanks.

  • These math games look perfect for a little one that is needing more practice with number sense.

  • I appreciate the freebies. Thank you so much. I am a home educator and I will be looking forward to playing these with my childre this year.

  • I know kids love these. I used games like these before I retired. Now with the pandemic, I find myself homeschooling my granddaughter. These will be very helpful. Thank you.

  • i would love the three free math games to practice with my students over the summer! Thank you 🙂