2D and 3D Shape Activities!

November 14, 2016


These hands on geometry lessons and activities focus on 2D and 3D shapes. Students will be composing shapes, identifying their attributes, and discussing the difference between defining and non-defining attributes.

The objectives of these lessons, activities, and printables are:

Students will be able to:
– Identify common 2D shapes and their attributes.
– Identify common 3D shapes and their attributes.
– Identify defining and nondefining attributes.
– Compose 2D and 3D shapes

In this unit:
Shape Cards (2D&3D)  identifying shapes
Where are they? – real world shapes
Defining vs. Nondefining – attribute sort
Make-a-shape – composing simple 2D shapes
Decompose & Compose – decomposing and composing new shapes with pattern blocks
Animal Blocks – pattern block extension
Guess My Shape! – 3D shape mystery game
6 Different Practice Pages

Please download the preview to get a closer look at what’s included!

Susan Jones

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