All About Me Activities for Back to School

June 15, 2013


All about ME! is a back to school unit I use within the first month of school with my first-grade and second-grade students. This unit has worksheets, printables and activities.

This unit is filled with partner activities, writing prompts and art projects to help your students get to know themselves and each other during those first crucial weeks of school. I find that in getting to know ourselves and each other we build a great classroom community from the beginning!

Please download the preview to see what is inside!

In this unit:

  • Get to know me: a partner activity to help students get to know one another
  • Teaming up: another partner activity to get students moving around the room and getting to know one another
  • Meet our class: a class book and keepsake for the year
  • These are a few of my favorite things: fun craft for an open house or back to school night. 2 different craft options available
  • Namesakes: a fun at-home activity to let students get to know where their name originates from.
  • Presentation rubrics (speaking and listening) included
  • Color me happy: an art and writing project to go with the Dr. Seuss book, My Many Colored Days.

NOTE: This has been recently updated to include the Canadian English spellings of the words favourite, colour, etc.**


Susan Jones

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