At Home Writing for Distance Learning (VOLUME 2) | Digital & Printable Versions


Are you worried about your kindergarten, first-grade or second-grade students’ writing instruction while they are home and you are trying distance learning?

I went ahead and created 4 week-long mini writing units written in “parent-friendly” language for students to complete while they are home. These lessons were written specifically to help teachers meet their students’ needs and provide options for students to learn at home. The lessons are easy to follow and include modeled examples for each day’s topic.

There is also a digital version of this unit available for students to use and type in their responses in Google Classroom!

While there are printable pages that can be used, all of these activities can be completed on ANY type of writing paper at home! A notebook or plain writing paper will be just fine. Students or parents can use a ruler to create lines for students to write on.

Each week’s lessons include topics and skills already covered in most K-2 classrooms so students can enjoy writing and sharing their work!

Included in this unit – weeklong units for each of the following:

  • Create your own comic book!
  • Writing Realistic Fiction
  • Friendly Letters
  • Personal Narratives

A also included in this unit are 15 fun print-and-go writing prompts which are timely and meant for students to reflect and have fun while at home!



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