Beginning of the Year Writing

October 6, 2013


Beginning of the year writing activities for kindergarten and first grade!

Do your students have trouble knowing where to start when it comes to writer’s workshop?

Many of my first graders have great ideas but struggle to put their thoughts on paper. I created this writing unit to help my students reach their inner author and start writing!

Included in this pack:

Sentence Completions – 14 different sentence starters for students to trace, complete, and illustrate. I included narrative, informative, and opinion completions.

Descriptions – 8 different illustrations with a word bank. Students will describe what is happening in the picture and color it in. If needed, students may use the word bank to help them begin writing.

Our First Paragraphs – 1 teacher example and 3 different prompts for students to complete. I use these in small groups to help my students plan out and write their first paragraphs. Drawing sheet, brainstorming sheet, graphic organizers, and writing paper included for all 3 prompts.

Mini-books: 5 different mini-books for students to complete in either small groups or at a writing center. The sentence structure is simple for students to follow and illustrate.

Please download the preview to see more!


Susan Jones

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