Book Clubs


Book club activities for first and second grade classrooms!

?Can you run successful book clubs in the primary grades??

It may seem like a stretch, but the spring is such a great time to get your students ready and used to reading, thinking about, and discussing books with their peers instead of me, the teacher!

I created this unit as a guide to running book clubs in your primary classroom and provided some tools that your kids can successfully use!

In this unit:

  • Introduction
  • What book clubs look like in my classroom ? tips & tricks
  • Setting it up:
    • some focus skills
    • teacher notes
    • student practice ideas that I use in my classroom
  • Printable Resources:
  • Anchor charts
  • Book club rings ? also used as discussion of the day cards
  • Independent reading bookmarks
  • Job Cards
  • Nonfiction News recording sheet
  • Half page recording sheets
  • Teacher evaluation sheet
  • Book club binders

Please download the preview to see more!


Susan Jones

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