Cats vs. Dogs – Reading and Writing Unit

October 21, 2015


This reading and writing unit for grades K-2 let’s students dig into two different texts, compare and contrast animals and books, and express their opinions about something they are familiar with: dogs and cats!

This unit uses the following two book which are readily available from Scholastic Book Clubs:
Dog vs. Cat by Chris Gall
Cats vs. Dogs by National Geographic for Kids

One is fiction and the other is nonfiction. Teachers will read aloud these two books and provide a couple weeks worth of fun debate, reading responses, writing activities and even a few crafts!


– Nonfiction Activities:
Book responses including:
– True or False Comprehension Check
– Multiple Choice Comprehension Check
– Vocabulary
– Cat Facts
– Dog Facts
Question Cards for whole group, small group, and partner discussion.
All about Dogs/Cats mini books
Cat and Dog fact match up

Fiction book activities:
Book responses including:
– Dog vs. Cat comparisons
– Dog and Cat character traits
– Retelling (B,M,E)
– Vocabulary
– Story Map
Question Cards for whole group, small group, and partner discussion.
Problem/Solution flipbook
Life After Baby? fill in speech bubbles
Order cards for retelling

– Writing activities:
Opinion writing responses after reading both books:
– Comparing books
– Choosing the winner (cat vs. dog)
– Cats Rule/Dogs Rule ? providing reasons
Six writing prompt cards
Craft and bulletin board ideas
– Cut and paste craft option
– Directed drawing option
– Writing paper for both cat & dog

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