Close Reading Passages: Fall Edition


These close reading passages and questions for first grade are perfect to help young readers practice the important skill of close reading.

I have been through numerous trainings for close reading and at first I thought it was skill too difficult for my 1st graders. When I started researching the topic more, I realized that when broken down, there are parts of close reading that can apply to any reader, regardless of their grade level.

In this unit:

-An overview of close reading

-How I use close reading strategies with my first graders

-3 different fall close reading printables that can be used with any fall book the teacher chooses

-5 non-fiction fall passages with vocabulary and comprehension questions

-5 fiction fall passages with vocabulary and comprehension questions

*Close reading is a difficult skill for students to master. I complete all of these activities WITH my students in whole group and guided practice fashion. These may be appropriate for higher-level 1st graders or 2nd graders to complete on their own*

To see what close reading looks like in my classroom, check out my blog post HERE!


Susan Jones

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