Comprehension Passages for First & Second Grade: Stop and Answer

November 20, 2019


These fiction and nonfiction comprehension passages and questions are a great tool to use during your literacy block. Students read (or listen to) the text and stop 3 times throughout the story to check for understanding. Each question is strategically placed to help with different comprehension skills (retelling, predicting, questioning, etc.)

These passages are meant for most first graders to read with a teacher (during a guided reading group would be great). They provide 3 different stopping points with questions for students to ponder while they read. These check-ins help students keep their minds on the text and engage in what is happening. Your second-grade students could use these independently!

Included in this unit:

  • Introduction on how to use this product in the classroom
  • 10 fiction passages
  • 10 nonfiction passages
  • various recording sheets

Be sure to download the preview to try a FREE passage!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me (


Susan Jones

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