Comprehension Strategies That Stick: Activities, & Lessons


These activities, anchor charts, lessons and passages will help your first and second grade students become familar with the comprehension strategies that help them better understand the stories they are reading.

This comprehension unit for first and second grade will go over each of the following comprehension strategies:

  • Activating our schema
  • Making inferences
  • Questioning
  • Determining importance
  • Visualizing
  • Synthesizing

For each of the above strategies there will be:

  • An introduction to the strategy
  • Anchor chart example(s) with printable reference charts
  • Introductory activities (whole group & small group)
  • Practice passages (small group or independent)

***The activities in this unit are different than those included in the RW unit and will be more in-depth and provide more opportunities to practice each of the strategies.

Included in Schema portion:

– anchor chart ideas

– printable reference chart

– intro activity for activating our schema

– passages and lesson for noticing how our schema can change

– passages and lesson for using our schema to make meaningful connections

Included in Inference portion:

– anchor chart idea

– printable reference chart

– intro activity for making inferences

– printables for making inferences using photos and books

– lessons for making inferences with wordless books

– complete the inference activity

– 5 passages to practice making inferences

Included in Questioning portion:

– 4 activities to practice generating questions

– printable reference chart with question words

– 4 passages to practice asking questions before, during, and after we read

– quiz partner activity for asking questions after a story ends

Included in Determining Importance portion:

– introduction to determining importance

– 2 different activities to introduce students to determining importance

– printable reference chart for determining importance

– 4 nonfiction passages for students to skim the text features

Included in Visualizing portion:

– printable reference chart for visualizing

– 3 introductory activities that have students practicing making their own personal visualizations, with a focus on their senses and their past experiences.

– interactive reference chart idea

– book list of great titles to use when teaching how to visualize

– 4 poems meant to elicit different senses and emotions

– 4 short stories for students to make mind movies

Included in Synthesizing portion:

– printable reference chart for synthesizing

– an introductory activity that has students understanding that as we gain more perspective and knowledge on a subject, our thinking can change

– interactive book chart idea

– book list of great titles to use when teaching how to synthesize

– 4 short stories for students to stop and synthesize what they’ve read


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