Consonant Blends Games & Activities: Print, Play, LEARN!

February 7, 2017


Phonics games that are ready to print and play with a partner to practice words with beginning consonant blends – s blends, l blends, and r blends!

I don’t know about your students, but mine LOVE to play games & how could you blame them?! These games are the perfect way to have your students practice skills they’ve already learned to help their fluency. This is also a great time for you, as the teacher, to walk around and check in with students and offer help as needed. As students are engaged in their games you can also pull students in small groups for some guided practice or intervention.

I made each of these games with EASE in mind. With the same game formats and tools you already have in your classroom, these games make life easy! I will usually have my students meet in a circle on the rug while I show them how to play the game. Once they know how, simply print one of the pages and let students play!

6 different print & play games to help students practice words that begin with consonant blends. The only tools you will ever need for these games are things you find in your classroom already: dice, a pencil, paperclips, crayons & some sort of cube or counter.

The six games are:

Blend, Read, & Race

Roll & Cover

Roll & Fill

Roll, Complete, & Color

Spin & Find the Blend

Race to Read

All games are in black and white so you can just print & play!

No prep needed!

Download the preview to see the phonics games included!


Susan Jones

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