Decodable Sentences: literacy intervention pages

September 9, 2021


These one-page decodable intervention sheets are the perfect no-prep literacy interventions and they’re aligned with the Science of Reading! Each page has a target skill for students to review individual sounds, sounds in words, and those same sounds in decodable sentences.


There are 5 parts to each one-page intervention where students will also practice encoding words with the target skill and illustrating a sentence to show understanding. Before each skill set, I also included ideas for a small-group or 1-on-1 warm-up. These ideas include a phoneme/grapheme flashcard with an image and word lists for phonemic awareness and phonics activities.


There are 102 unique pages in this resource!


**There are 3 different one-page interventions for each skill included!**


The target skills included so far include:

  • Short a, cvc
  • Short e, cvc
  • Short i, cvc
  • Short o, cvc
  • Short u, cvc
  • Mixed cvc
  • L-blends
  • S-blends
  • R-blends
  • Mixed blends
  • Digraph, sh
  • Digraph, ch
  • Digraph, th
  • Digraph, ck
  • Mixed digraphs
  • Silent e, CVCE
  • Silent e, CCVCE
  • Long a (ai, ay)
  • Long e (ee, ea)
  • Long i (ie, igh)
  • Long o (oa, oe, ow)
  • Long u (oo, ew, ue, ui)
  • Mixed long vowels
  • R-controlled (ar)
  • R-controlled (or)
  • R-controlled (er, ir, ur)
  • Mixed r-controlled
  • Diphthong (oi, oy)
  • Diphthong (ou, ow)
  • Diphthong (au/aw)
  • 3 letter blends
  • Open syllables
  • Sounds of /oo/
  • Soft c/g

and many more!


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