Digital Subtraction Math Game for Distance Learning | Interactive Game board!

August 26, 2020


This digital subtraction game is a great way for students to practice their math skills through distance learning! It includes an interactive game board (PowerPoint and Google Slides ready) with a game piece that actually moves throughout the game with you! Talk about fun!

Students can complete this individually at their own home, with a teacher via live call (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.), and/or with a partner or small group as everyone has their own device!

There are 51 unique, interactive subtraction activities included in this game!

In this unit:

  • teacher directions: I share both printable directions and a video so you can see how to access and play this game with your students. Or you can send it straight home to them for a fun review!

Each color on the gameboard represents a different way to practice subtraction skills. These include:

  • 25 “solve it” subtraction activities: these are presented in a few different ways (only numerals, only 10-frames, and a mix).
  • 13 “what’s missing?” activities: here students will practice solving for the missing part of a subtraction equation
  • 13 “story problem” activities: these activities are in real-life word format and students need to use their subtraction skills to solve
  • Each activity is self-checked so students can see if the answer they came up with is correct!

Please watch the video preview to see how the game can be played!



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