Digraphs & Blends Digital Phonics Game | Letter Bug (for desktop or tablets)


This digital phonics and phonemic awareness game is such a FUN way for students to practice words with digraphs and blends on their tablets or computers!

>>> Try a FREE demo in the preview!! <<<

We created this website game with a fun, castle twist so students can practice learning with access to any computer or tablet with internet access! Teachers or students can choose the level you want students to complete based on what skill(s) they are reviewing.

If your students use tablets during literacy centers, this is a great independent phonics activity for them to complete so you know they’re on task and engaged while you meet with other students in the class.

There are 48 unique levels for students to work through with kid-friendly images and obstacles along the way. This game is sure to be a hit 🙂

The levels are as followed:

  • sh words – 8 levels
  • ch words – 8 levels
  • th words – 8 levels
  • ck words – 8 levels
  • consonant blends – 16 levels

*levels are random every time within each category!

Download the preview to see a video about how the game works!

Please note: One purchase provides a license for your whole classroom to access!


Susan Jones