Eating Healthy With Fruits & Veggies! {Nutrition & Activity Unit}


Nutrition and Activity packet designed to help your students understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle through eating right and being active!!

This unit contains:
(1) Title page
(2) Common Core Alignment, grades K-2
(3-7) Healthy vs. Unhealthy food choices: writing prompts/maps
(8-13) Food Group Sort using USDA’s My Plate food groups and recording sheet
(14-19) “Pick-a-Pepper” board game. Students identify healthy choices from unhealthy ones and record.
(20-21) Fill Your Plate – *assessment*
(22-25) “Being Healthy with Hippos” – activity checklists to get your students up and moving!
(26-30) “Healthy Hippo Hunt” – Scavenger hunt with both nutrition questions and physical activities.
(31-34) Leading an active lifestyle: Writing prompts/maps
(35-40) Four different “Happy Veggie” crafts!
(41-44) Writing prompts for each craft. Includes a narrative prompt, a how-to prompt, and an opinion prompt.
(45) Thank you and acknowledgements!