First Grade Homework for the Entire Year | Easy Packets for Distance Learning


This first grade homework unit allows you to customize your homework packets each week and easily send them home for distance learning! You can quickly search for the skills you need, print, staple and send them home!

This unit includes an editable newsletter to send home each week, as well as 30 weeks worth of homework for each of the following subjects. Each subject also includes a table of contents so you can quickly find the skill and page you want to print!



Sight Words



This unit is designed to be customizable for you and your students! While each page is NOT editable, there is a blank editable page for you to create whatever you may need that week. You are easily able to flip through and find the skills you need quickly for your class.

You can:

Choose how many sheets you’d like to give each week

Create your own weekly newsletter

Give students of different abilities different skills to work on

Give some students less pages

Give some students more pages

Each week can be completely different

Or you don’t have to send these pages home for homework at all! Instead, you have 150 pages of skilled practice printables at your fingertips to use in your classroom.

You can:

Create morning work packets for your students

Use the specific skill printables in small groups for reinforcement

Create small packets for parent-teacher conferences based on student need

Leave for a substitute

Use as an extension to your lesson

Use during center time

The skills for each subject included are as follows


Short a – cvc

Short e – cvc

Short i – cvc

Short a – cvc

Short u – cvc

Long a – cvce

Long i – cvce

Long o – cvce

Long u – cvce

Long a – ay/ai

Long e – ee/ea

Long i – igh/ie

Long o – oa/ow

Long u – ui/ue

Digraph – sh

Digraph – ch

Digraph – th

Digraph – wh

Two sounds of oo

Two sounds of ending y


soft g/hard g

soft c/hard c

Bossy r (ar, or)

Bossy r (er, ir, ur)

S blends

L blends

R blends

Endings (s, es)

Endings (ed, ing)


Calendar skills

Numbers to 5

Numbers to 10

Skip counting

Numbers to 100

Numbers 100-120

Ordering numbers

Comparing numbers

Addition within 20

Subtraction within 20

Missing addends

Three addends

Additions story problems

Subtraction story problems

Place Value I

Place Value II

Double digit addition (no regrouping)

Double digit addition (regrouping)

Double digit subtraction

2D shapes

3D shapes

Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, & Quarters

Mixed money

Time to the hour

Time to the half hour

Nonstandard Measurement

Fractions (1/2)

Fractions (1/4)

Collecting data

Analyzing Data


Each week includes 3 different sight words to study. Sight words are randomly chosen from the Dolch sight word list. Throughout the 30 weeks all 1st grade words are included as well as some primer words and 2nd grade words.


Sentences – naming and telling parts (2 weeks)

Sentences – adding details (2 weeks)

End punctuation (2 weeks)


Picture writing prompts (5 weeks)

How to writing (3 weeks)

Informative writing (3 weeks)

Opinion writing (3 weeks)

Letter writing – friendly

Letter writing – persuasive

Personal narrative (3 weeks)

Fiction writing (3 weeks)


Read and retell (3 weeks)

Read and retell – Nonfiction (2 weeks)

Character (3 weeks)

Vocabulary (2 weeks)

Vocabulary – Nonfiction

Multiple Choice (3 weeks)

Multiple Choice – Nonfiction (2 weeks)

True or False (3 weeks)

True or False – Nonfiction (2 weeks)

Short answer (3 weeks)

Short answer – Nonfiction (2 weeks)

Retell comprehension page for ANY book

Character comprehension page for ANY book

Vocabulary comprehension page for ANY book

Comprehension page for ANY book


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