First Grade Writer’s Workshop Units for the Year

July 27, 2016


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This first grade writing workshop bundle is where you can find ALL the first grade writing units you will need for the entire year (and then some)!

If you are a new teacher or a teacher looking to revamp their writing block, this is the unit for you! You will receive all the lessons you need for a year’s worth of writing in first grade for a fraction of the cost.

You will be able to grab all the resources below for more than 20% off AND every time I come out with a new writing resource it will be added to this bundle. That means you can access the new units for no additional cost!

The following units are included already in this bundle:

Writing Personal Narratives

Opinion Writing

All About Book

Writing Realistic Fiction

Writing Reviews

How to Books

Write From the Start


Writing Prompts for the Whole Year

Author Celebration

Enjoy 🙂

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