First Week of School Activities

July 2, 2012


Back to school activities for the first week of school in first grade!

This unit is filled with ideas and activities to help students get to know each other and to know their new classroom during those first couple weeks! All the printables and activities are in black and white to help you save ink and to allow the students to color in the clip art.

In this unit:

? My new class mini-book

? Writing response: ?One important class rule is?.?

? All About Me! Brainstorming map

? Things I am good at! Brainstorming map

? Ice breaker: ?Find someone??

? Partner activity: Classroom Checklist!

? Library Exploration: My Book Hunt!

? This Year vs. Last Year Venn Diagrom

? Summer personal narrative ? organizers and writing paper

? Things I love about my new class ? organizer and writing paper

? ?My Mouth is a Volcano!? craft and writing activity


Susan Jones

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