Fractions Hands On Activities

December 19, 2016


These fraction activities and printables are the perfect hands on, interactive games for first grade!

The objectives of these lessons, activities, and printables are:
Students will be able to:
– Identify equal and nonequal parts of shapes and sets.
– Identify 1/2 of a shape and a set
– Partition a shape in half
– Identify 1/4 of a shape and a set
– Partition a shape into fourths
– Identify and create fractions of a set

In this unit:
– Sharing Cookies (identifying equal parts)
– “Break me off a piece?” partitioning in halves
– 2 Fraction Sorts (equal vs. not equal and 1/2 or 1/4)
– Partner Spinner Games – four different games
– Pick Em (fractions of sets)
– Fraction Set Cards – showing and identifying fractions
– Fraction Task Cards
– 3 Different Printable Practice Pages

Download the preview to get a closer look at what’s included!

Susan Jones

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