Free Halloween Math Games (K/1)

September 26, 2016


This free unit includes 3 different print and play math games geared towards grades K-1.

See video directions on how to play >>>> HERE!

Each of these games can be played ALL YEAR ROUND and do not have to be used only during the Halloween season. Just substitute Halloween stamps for regular stamps, Halloween bears for any other fun manipulative, and Place Value Pumpkins is easily played with Dixie Cups and straws cut in half.

Stamp the Most: a simple partner game that has students identifying different ways to make the numbers 1-5 and race to reach 20 first

Take Them: another fun counting game that has students collecting(and returning) manipulatives until they are gone. Whoever has the most wins!

Place Value Pumpkins: another counting game that has students putting their items into groups of ten

See more about these games on my blog: Halloween Games


Susan Jones

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