Higher Order Thinking Questions First Grade


These higher order thinking math tasks for first grade math are great to get your students applying the skills they have learned in math class.

These higher level thinking type of problems encourage students to work together and have great discussions surrounding the answers. They provide students with an alternate way to show what they have learned and also allow students to use their skills in real life situations.

This common core aligned unit includes 8 different tasks as well as 8 “challenge tasks” for each of the following categories:

Number Sense



Place Value

Geometry & Measurement

Time & Money

The tasks vary in type as some are multi-step, real-life story problems. Others require students to show their learning by creating something. And still others require students to use many of the math skills they have learned so far to analyze and synthesize a problem to get the best answer.

ALL of the tasks require students to explain their reasoning and encourage talking through problems to create discussion!

Each task is posed in 3 different ways:

– PRINTABLE form so students can work independently and show their work

– GUIDED PRINTABLE form – walks students through certain tasks if they need some guidance

– TASK CARD – these are great for laminating and passing out to pairs or groups

Please download the preview to see more!

You can read more about how I use these in my classroom HERE!


Susan Jones

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