Home Run Fun! {CVC word activities}

December 9, 2012


This mini-unit focuses on helping students read, decode, and build common CVC words.

I have included 5 baseball themed CVC activities to help your students become better readers!

-Round the bases: board game for reading simple CVC words. 6 different versions – 1 for each vowel and 1 mixed-vowel game board

-CVC word mats and cards: picture and word cards used for practice writing CVC words. Can also be used to play memory & mix-n-match.

-Roll-a-word: students roll a die to make CVC words and determine if they are real or nonsense.

-Take me out to the ball game: simple CVC board game – students must add a letter to make CVC words and collect trophies along the way. Includes 3 different game boards for differentiation.

-Real or nonsense word sort: students read, sort, and record words determining if they are real or nonsense. When complete, there is a graphing activity to complete.


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