I Have, Who Has Math Games for 1st Grade

August 4, 2014


I have, who has is a fun whole class or small group game to play with your students after they learn a certain skill!

In this unit there are 6 different Common Core aligned math games to help students reinforce different skills.

The 6 games include:
– addition within 20
– subtraction within 20
– addition & subtraction within 20
– place value
– geometry
– fractions

The # of cards in each set varies due to the fact that answers cannot be repeated for the game to work! The # for each is below:
Addition within 20: 23 cards
Subtraction within 20: 23 cards
Addition and subtraction within 20: 23 cards
Place Value: 24 cards
Geometry: 16 cards
Fractions: 24 cards

I also included directions on how to play, labels for storage, and some tips and tricks that I use in my room.

Cards are ready to just print, laminate and play for years to come!


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