Kindergarten Choice Boards for Distance Learning!


I created these fun kindergarten choice boards to provide flexibility to both teachers and parents who are trying out distance learning from the safety of their own homes! You will receive both printable and digital options for all of these!

This is also a great Kindergarten homework option!

There are 4 different choice boards included for each:

  • Math
  • Literacy (reading, fluency & phonics)
  • Writing
  • Indoor/Outdoor fun

There are 16 boards each as well as an editable one for each type in the digital version!

How I would use this unit:

I made these with flexibility in mind. You can choose to assign however many boards and/or boxes you would like per week and you can choose to re-use boards as you see fit! Students simply pick an activity from the board and complete it. If you would like them to send you a picture of their work at the end of the week, you may choose to do that so there is some accountability. I like the choice board option because busy parents at home can choose the activities that fit their needs and schedule the most!



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