Number Sense Activities (0-20)

September 7, 2014


These number sense activities and games are perfect to help kindergarten and first grade students gain awareness of the numbers 0-20. Students practice ordering numbers, comparing numbers, building numbers, and identifying different ways to make the numbers 0-20.

What is number sense?

Number sense is the ability to identify and conceptualize numbers. From an early age, we want our students to be able to identify different quantities and understand what those numerals mean. In this unit, students focus on identifying numbers in many different forms, ordering numbers, and building numbers 0-20.

In this unit:

  • Find the Fish – Number identification game
  • Match & Make – Students match the numeral with the number word and then build that number
  • Button Jars – Students build and order numbers 1-20
  • Roll & Build – A simple composing numbers game
  • Different Ways Number Puzzles – puzzles to identify different ways to make a number
  • Number Line Remake – An activity for students to identify the different ways to make a number
  • Number Grid Flash & Find – Small group game to identify numbers in 10s frames
  • 10s frame Spin and Color – Students match 10s frames with their numerals and number words in this coloring activity

5 Different Practice Pages for:

Ordering Numbers 1-20

Comparing Numbers 1-20

Different ways to make numbers 1-20

Download the preview for a closer look at what’s included.


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