Print, Play, LEARN! Math Games Freebie!

December 28, 2017


Here are three FREE print and play math games for you to use with your students. These are fun, partner games that can be printed and are ready to play with a couple dice, a paperclip, and crayons! I made them with both the teacher and my students in mind!

The 3 addition/subtraction games included are:
– The Bigger Difference: Students practice subtraction within 20 and race to fill their tower first.

– Double Up: Students practice their doubles facts with this fun board game.

– Find What’s Equal: This game has students practicing addition and subtraction within one game as they find matching sums and differences.

*If you like these games, I have 48 more math games for addition, subtraction, geometry, number sense, place value, time, and money that are all ready to print and play!*

Enjoy 🙂

Susan Jones

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