Pumpkin Math for Primary Grades


Pumpkin themed math games and activities! These October math activities are fun for students to play while still reinforcing the skills we are learning at this time of year.

These 1st grade math centers and activities that are themed and scaffolded to build upon one another for the whole year!

Each month (September-June) has 6 common core aligned math centers for students to work on. The math centers are themed specifically for that month to align with popular themes that may be taught in classrooms.

After a fun, fall field trip to the pumpkin patch, I created these 6 math games to help reinforce math skills we have been working on this time of year!

All 6 activities are aligned to the Common Core math standards.

-Making 10s – pumpkin 10s frames and missing addend cards for students to practice number combinations to make 10.
-Pumpkin Pickin’ – another fun game to help students practice making 10
-Story problems – students make their own little story problem booklet, show their work, and write the number sentence for each problem
-Number line read the room – Students practice using a number line to solve addition and subtraction facts within 20
-Pumpkin surveys – 3 pumpkin themed survey questions to complete whole group and then individually and discuss
-More than, less than – a fun partner or whole group game to have students practice finding 1 more than, 1 less than, 2 more than, and 2 less than a certain number, in their heads.