Read and Illustrate: Phonics Fluency Passages

March 5, 2018


These phonics fluency passages are the perfect way for students to practice reading for fluency! After you’ve taught a phonics pattern, students can read, re-read, and illustrate to show understanding.

These types of passages are great for small group practice to target skills students need extra help with.

For each of the following phonics patterns there are (2) different sheets. One sheet is a paragraph with an illustration box for students to illustrate the short story. The second sheet has three short sentences, each with their own illustration box. This allows for teacher differentation.

The phonics patterns CURRENTLY included are:

short vowel a

short vowel e

short vowel i

short vowel o

short vowel u

silent e (a_e)

silent e (i_e)

silent e (o_e)

silent e (u_e)

long a (ay, ai)

long e (ee, ea)

long i (ie, igh)

long o (ow, oa)

long u (ui, ue)

digraph ch

digraph sh

digraph th

digraph wh

digraph ph

r-controlled (ar)

r-controlled (er)

r-controlled (ir)

r-controlled (ur)

r-controlled (or)

diphthongs (oy, oi)

diphthongs (ow, ou)

diphthongs (oo,ew)

s blends

l blends

r blends

ending blends


soft g

soft c

…and more to come!

*If there are phonics skills/patterns you are working on that you would like included, please shoot me an email at and let me know!


Susan Jones

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