Sentence Writing Activities & Lessons: PRINTABLE & DIGITAL (Seesaw & Google)

October 30, 2020


This writing sentences unit is available in printable format and includes pre-loaded digital lessons in Seesaw and Google. This unit helps students identify what a sentence is, the parts of a sentence, how to write a sentence, and also how to add details to make a SUPER sentence!

This unit is jam-packed with anchor charts, ideas, and activities for K-2 kindergarten, first grade, and second-grade students to start feeling confident writing their own sentences and begin to add more to their stories.

In this unit:

  • reference charts for sentence writing
  • ideas on modeling how to teach sentence writing
  • over 50 digital and printable activities to help students:
    • write their own sentences
    • mix and match naming/telling parts of a sentence
    • identify different parts of a sentence
    • add details to their own sentences to make SUPER sentences
    • & more


Susan Jones

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