Sight Word Game: Treasure Hunt!

April 17, 2019


This fun sight word activity is a great way to have kindergarten, first and second grade students practice their sight words. Students pair up and try to be the first to find the other’s buried treasure!

In this unit:

  • Directions on how to play Sight Word Treasure Hunt!
  • Tips on when I play in my classroom
  • Printable treasure chests and sight words for the following lists:
    • Dolch – Kindergarten
    • Dolch – 1st grade
    • Dolch – 2nd grade
    • Fry – 1-100
    • Fry – 101-200
    • Fry – 201-300
    • There is also a completely editable page to type in whatever words you want!

Video directions on how to play: How to play Sight Word Treasure Hunt!


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