Sight Word Games: Print, Play, LEARN!

December 2, 2019


These sight word games are perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and second-grade students to have fun and review all their sight words! There are 15 different print and play partner games with tons of different game boards for differentiation.

The sight words covered in this unit are from the Fry List (words 1-300).

There is also an editable game board for each game so you can type in your own sight words you’d like students to practice! You will need PowerPoint to edit.

I made each of these games with EASE in mind. With the same game formats and tools you already have in your classroom, these games make life easy! I will usually have my students meet in a circle on the rug while I show them how to play the game. Once they know the directions, simply print one of the pages and let students play!


Susan Jones

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