Small Group Phonics Game: What’s Missing?

February 2, 2019


This phonics game is fun warm up to use in small group! You can also use this during morning meeting, before guided reading, or any other few moments where you want to do a little review!

In this unit:

  • Directions on how to play 2 different ways
  • Tips on when I play in my classroom
  • Recording sheet for small groups
  • 54 different pages of “What’s Missing Cards”
    • short vowels (CVC words)
    • digraphs
    • long vowels (silent e)
    • long vowels (mixed vowel patternts)
    • s blends, l blends, r blends
    • numerals 1-120
    • alphabet strings

Video directions on how to play: How to Play What’s Missing


Susan Jones Teaching

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