Stone Soup: A Literacy and Community Unit

November 4, 2015


Stone Soup unit for the primary grades! This unit is focused on literacy and community!

This is a unit I love to complete around Thanksgiving time so we can relate the holiday of giving thanks and the importance of community and helping one another. I find that these books exemplify the thoughts of coming together and helping one another.

This unit examines four different versions of Stone Soup by the following authors:
– Marcia Brown
– Ann Mcgovern
– Jon J Muth
– Jess Stockham

For each individual book:
– Interactive read aloud lesson with stopping points
– Text response sheets: vocabulary, sequencing, comprehension
– Writing responses

Also included:
– Comparison sheets & writing prompts to compare all 4 books
– 2 different crafts
– Stone stoup recipe with parent letter
– Classroom graph


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