Would You Rather? Kid-Friendly Questions (Digital display & Printable versions!)


These 110 different Would You Rather questions are such a fun way to build community and get your students talking, laughing, and expressing their opinions!

This unit includes 110 different kid-friendly questions which you can either display on your Smart board for whole group learning or you can print out each question in a “journal topper” format so students can write their responses.

When could I use Would You Rather questions?

  • At the beginning of the year to get to know one another
  • During morning meeting
  • As quick journal writing prompts
  • As ice-breakers
  • To build your classroom community
  • To kick off your opinion writing unit
  • When students change partners/groups
  • As a time fillers
  • With a substitute teacher

This unit also includes:

  • sheets so students can make their own Would You Rather questions and have their classmates answer
  • an editable slide so you can create your own questions to display to the class

Be sure to download the preview and try out 10 different questions entirely for FREE!

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