Writing Realistic Fiction Writer’s Workshop Unit

July 1, 2015


Realistic fiction writing unit for your first and second graders!

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This unit has students digging deeper into the writer’s workshop process as they expand on characters, add problems and solutions, and come up with satisfying endings to their stories!

In this unit:

– How to get started: background and preparation

– In my classroom

– Daily paper options

– Mini-lessons and activities for each of the following:

1. Realistic fiction vs. fantasy

2. It starts with a character

3. Storytelling and sketching

4. Characters think & feel

5. Stories need a problem & a solution

6. Don?t leave us hanging (adding a satisfying ending)

7. Characters can have lots of stories

– Anchor charts and re-teaching activities for the above mini-lessons

– Editing and revision checklists (individual and partner)

– Rubrics

– Publishing book template


Susan Jones

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