Sight word activities to play at home (or in the classroom)!

May 10, 2020

Sight words are one of the easiest things to practice at home because they simply require some memorization and little skill is required to teach them. The hard part about teaching sight words is trying to make them FUN and engaging because sometimes flashcards are just plain boring. To help with that, I wanted to share 3 fun and free sight word activities you can easily play home (or in the classroom).

I shared all 3 of these in the video below if you would rather watch/listen to the content. If not, just keep scrolling and read them!

Sight word hide and seek:

I love these 3 fun and free sight word activities to play at home or in the classroom because they're engaging! Head on over to the blog post to see the different sight word games and grab some editable sight word worksheets!


To play this simple game, choose 5-6 sight words to review with your child first and read them all aloud. Write them on cups like the picture above and show the object you will be hiding underneath one of the cups (in the above case, one of those little bears)! Have your child turn around or close their eyes while you hide the object under one of the cups. In order to play hide and seek, students must say the sight word of the cup they want to check under. They will keep going until they find the hidden object. Once found, that cup is removed and you continue playing until there is only one cup left! Sight word hide and seek is an easy game to switch up with different sight words, cups, and objects to keep it fun and interesting!


Roll, Read, and Race:

Looking for a new sight word activity instead of just flash cards?! I love all three of these sight word activities to play at home or in the classroom. They're easy to learn and fun for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students! Head over to the post to grab the sight word worksheets and see how to play each game!

This printable sight word game is SO simple to play and it is a great, independent game for students to practice reading sight words. I love the ease of this one and the fact you can quickly edit it to make it fit your child’s needs! All students need to do is roll one die, and read the word in the corresponding column. After they read the word aloud, they will write it in the box above the word. They continue rolling, reading, and writing, as they race their way to the top of a column! The game is over once one of the columns is completely filled to the top. I have a completely editable version of this here for you to play over and over again: sight word printable.


sight word scavenger hunt:

I love these free sight word activities to play at home or in the classroom because they're FUN, engaging, and educational all at the same time! My own soon-to-be kindergarten student has played all of these with me at home over the last few months and he has been having so much fun! Head over to the blog post to see all three sight word games and grab the free worksheets!

Last, and certainly not least, I wanted to share sight word scavenger hunt! Both my boys love playing this one at home and it is easy to prep. To play, you will again pick 6 words for your kids to read and identify and write them in the boxes. For the example shown above, I wanted my son Theo (5.5) to be able to read the sight words in context so I wrote simple sight word sentences and underlined the sight word I wanted him to find in each. I then wrote the 6 sight words on sticky notes and hid them around the house. He had to read the sight word sentence, then find the sight word that was underlined and match it by covering the box. To make this trickier, you can hide about 10-12 sticky notes and half of them can be other sight words that are not on this sheet! I like this because kids are reading, they’re moving, and they’re having fun at the same time!

I also have this sheet for free so you can edit it here: sight word scavenger hunt


So there are 3 fun sight word activities you could easily use at home or in the classroom! If you’re looking for some more sight word games I love, check out my playlist over on YouTube where I have tons of fun and free ideas for sight words:


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