Sight Word Bounce! Fun, outdoor sight word game

July 3, 2019

Tennis balls + sight words = a whole lot of fun! Sight word bounce is a fun outdoor game that has students practicing their sight words and a little hand-eye coordination at the same time.


All you need to play this game is some outdoor space, sidewalk chalk, a tennis ball. My kids liked the tennis ball because they would have to run and retrieve the ball and bring it back so it added quite a bit of movement and cardio in there too. If you wanted to play this game with bean bags, you could do that as well!


Just click the video below to see how to play.

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Pin to remember:

Sight door bounce is a fun outdoor game where students practice identifying sight words and try to bounce a tennis ball in the correct one. This partner game is great because both students need to be able to read and identify the words! Head on over to the post to see how to play!

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  • First videos of yours that I’ve seen! I love it and can’t wait to play it with my kinders! Thank you!