Sight word games for kids

December 17, 2019

Sight words are critical in learning how to read. Not only are sight words the most frequent words seen in our texts, but most of them cannot be sounded out based on the “normal” phonetic patterns we teach to our students. Memorization is key when it comes to sight words. Since flashcards can be boring, I find that sight word games are the perfect mix of fun and practice!

I recently created 15 different print & play sight word games for kids. Each game requires very little prep. Students may need some dice, cubes, crayons, and/or a pencil – all things they already have in their classroom! Over the 15 games, students will review sight words on their own, sight words in simple sentences, and visual closure (the ability to identify the sight word even with missing letters/parts).

These sight word games are a fun way for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students to practice their sight words. Try two different print and play sight word games entirely FREE over on the blog!
In the game above, students practice spinning and identifying different words from the Fry 101-200 list. Whoever gets 4-in-a-row first, wins!


I am always looking for new and fun sight word games and activities for kindergarten and first grade students. These print and play games require little to no-prep and help kids practice reading sight words on their own, sight words in simple sentences, and they help students with visual closure. See how to play some of the games and try 2 for FREE over on the blog!
In the game above, Complete It!, students practice visual closure as they complete different sight words from the Fry list 201-300.

The different games I included cover the Fry sight words 1-300 and are designed for students in grades K-2. Each of the 15 games includes differentiated game boards so students working on different sight word lists can still play the same game! I also went ahead and created an editable game board for each of the 15 games. That way you can just type in your own words you want students to practice.


You can see how to play two of these games and even grab some FREE examples by watching the video below:


All these sight word games are found over on TpT below:

Be sure to download the preview. That’s where you can grab some FREE games to print and use right away in your classroom.


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Sight word games are the perfect way for students to review sight words and have FUN! You can try 2 free sight word activities over on the blog post! Kids practice reading simple sight word sentences and sight words on their own for the Fry Words 1-300.


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