Snacking On Words!

October 4, 2012

My kids had a GREAT day today!
So great, that I could fiinnnaalllyyyy reward them with this little treat I have had stored away for a few weeks!
We spent the end of the day making CVC words with Cheez-It’s new Scrabble Jr. snacks!
I made a little CVC word mat for students to make their words and a recording sheet. The only rule was they had to make a real word and record it before they could eat their Cheez-Its! That being said, my little ones were quiet and focused on making as many words as they could!
This little lady was so proud to have made her own name!
I uploaded my CVC mats and recording sheet to Googledocs if you want to download them. The Cheez-Its were like $3 at my local grocery store so this was my favorite kind of activity (cheap!).
Happy hump day!

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    • Wahhh! I hate that! Mine only worked because of the serving size… they didn't actually eat that many cheez-its because they didn't make that many words lol