Spiraled Math Centers!

March 31, 2015

Do you spiral your math learning?
We do! We have been spiraling our math learning big time in room 102. Since I was gone for so long on maternity leave I really wanted to be able to see what my students could do in math. So, while I still teach a focus lesson and most of our math activities are based on that specific standard (right now it’s 3D shapes), I still have many of my math tubs spiral through older concepts. This way my students don’t just learn it for a short period of time and never touch it or talk about it again.

That is where my themed math centers come in! These centers are scaffolded and spiraled throughout the year. Each month the 6 centers included go along with what we are teaching currently and what we have already taught throughout the year!

Here is a look at a few of my March centers:
 Follow the Rainbow: place value game!
Students each take turns rolling 2 dice to try and make the largest number. Whoever rolls the biggest number gets to move a space and whoever get to 10 first, wins!

 Double digit addition sort:
I had my students use base 10 blocks to help them add.

and now for a few April centers… I pulled these out yesterday:
 Make it true:
students have to pick the missing symbol to make the number sentence correct and record. There are also comparison number sentences that use <, >, =

Cracked eggs:
My kids loved this one. They had to put together the pieces of the eggs to practice 2 digit numbers and expanded form.

As always, in ALL my monthly math centers there is:
– a story problem booklet
– some seasonal graphing questions
– and a read the room activity

You can find more about each of the above first grade math centers by clicking below:

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