Spring is *ALMOST* here… right?!

February 28, 2014

With tomorrow being March, I was so so hopeful that the winter season was coming to a close and warmer weather was on the way….. then I woke up and heard that there is another storm coming this weekend…
Oh well. Just saying March makes me feel a little more cheery 🙂
I have been working on a few different Spring themed products to prepare for the season, but I wanted to quickly share some resources that I will be using these upcoming months:
Opinion writing!
It isn’t spring themed, but our informational writing unit is coming to an end and opinion writing is right around the corner.
In this unit, my kids first learn what an opinion is. Then, they practice expressing their opinion through some fun “would you rather??” type games. Then it is on to writing and defending their opinions. We finish the unit by talking about persuasion and write a few letters to our parents and our principal.
We will be getting this icky critters soon enough and I created this unit last year to help us record our learning with these little buggers. I also added plenty of math, reading, and writing activities so we could have a whole themed few weeks of learning.
Writing through the Spring!
I use these seasonal prompts all year long. They are perfect for independent writing centers, crafts/writing projects for our Friday “fun days”, or bulletin board writing to display. Each of these seasonal writing packs include the same type of templates for narrative, informative, and opinion writing so once students learn how to do it once, they can complete these each season independently.
April, April, April… come on April! I love teaching poetry and my kids produced the cutest poems last year with this pack. Free verse and form poems are included in this unit and I already can’t wait to make our poetry bulletin board.
Close Reading for Spring!
After my kids “killed it” with our winter pack, spring is coming out next week. My kids LOVE these packs now. They are so simple and straightforward. My 1st graders can really, really do it! It took awhile… all year in fact… but I am SO proud of my little guys n gals.

Last but not least, I am completing this little project SOON.

After butterflies, we will be working on plants! This unit is set up the same way as my butterfly unit and will contain science, reading, writing, and math activities that are all aligned to the Common Core.

I am so excited to work on these units these next few months. They are all bright and cheery and remind me how far my students have come this year. I know it is only February, but this last part of the year always seems to FLY by and before you know it, it will be time for Summer and I will be crying as my kids leave for break! Oh lawdy – am I getting emotional already?!

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