St. Patrick’s Day Activities!

March 14, 2015

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and we are getting started with the fun here in 102!
I wanted to share some of the fun St. Patrick’s Day activities we are doing over the next week.


We have a few stories we will be reading and re-reading this week!
You can find each by clicking the amazon affiliate link below:


After we read, That’s What Leprechauns Do, we retold the story using a sheet from Katie King’s Busy Teacher unit.


We also made these adorable leprechauns using First Grade and Blue Skies directed drawing. If you don’t already own this freebie, you need to RUN over to her blog and get it. They are to die for!



 We also got to work on our first story problem booklet since I’ve been back! This one is from my Leprechaun Math unit.
And I let them work together and look at them go! I LOVED listening to them work together and reason with eachother as they got their answers. It was pretty awesome.
 Each month in my seasonal math units, I have a different book of story problems with all types of problems to solve. Addition, subtraction, place value, elapsed time, etc. I am really working on persistence with my first graders and getting them to use all they have learned so far to solve the problems. I find when they work together, they are able to bounce ideas off one another (aka argue a little bit) until they get to the answer!


Tuesday we will eat and graph some Lucky Charms and have more St. Paddy’s fun!
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